Apricot Jam Recipes

A delicious dessert, the apricot jam distinguishes itself with its unique flavour, being one of the least “sweet” jams and definitely one of the most delicate desserts for a hot summer day and not only.

Meatballs of various types are an integral part of Romanian cuisine and the word chiftea (pl. chiftele) (pronounced /kif-te-a/ – /kif-te-le/) is clearly an indication of their Turkish origin, the word being a corruption of the Turkish kofte and related to the Middle Eastern kafta.

“Ostropel” is a Romanian dish that can be found all around the country; each area having their own variations, additions, or omissions. Even the chicken is exchangeable, and the dish could easily be cooked with chicken livers, pork chunks, or even a vegetarian version with the meat replaced by potatoes or another solid vegetable.

Eggplant Salad Recipes

This aubergine salad is served as a starter along with crust bread and various other ‘salate’ or on the table for a late summer barbeque. It can easily be made well in advance and make plenty, because it’s also extremely delicious just on its own for a lunchtime snack, and all the better with some crispy grilled ‘lipia’ bread (a kind of round thin bread, something like a flatbread or pitta).