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Festival vina in kulinarike

In Prekmurje, homemade specialties and secret recipes are transmitted from one generation to another, from one housekeeper to the next. Each housekeeper adds her own character to the recipe she inherited from her grandmother or great-grandmother, thus combining tradition with the modern, as well as using healthy, organic ingredients.

The Prekmurje summers are usually quite warm, which calls for light culinary delicacies prepared according to recipes handed down by our (grand) mothers. To start your day, we would recommend orn porridge with white coffee or refreshing spreads on typical rye bread and, as a noon snack, white turnip with potatoes, meat in aspic seasoned with pumpkin-seed oil or perhaps the plain, cold aspic snack. The creamy cucumber salad with a hint of ground red peppers or buckwheat or beans salad will make an excellent afternoon supper. Food is served in home-made clay dishes. Bon appétit!