General information

Definitely, Fisherman's Evening in pretty Rovinj is an event not to be missed. A delicious event where the many culinary delights are accompanied by the characteristic Adriatic and Mediterranean music and demonstrations of crafts and skills such as wrapping demijohns in wicker and repairing fish traps and nets.

The festival takes place in the city center in July, when this pretty walled town is full of visitors. Rovinj, the little gem of Istria, is one of the most visited and “photogenic” destinations in Croatia and this special event is a great excuse to discover this fishing town, lost in its narrow medieval streets, feel the enchantment of the town and enjoy the programmed activities, such as the construction of batana (a local type of boat), concerts and music performances and culinary delights.

The Fisherman's Evening is a cultural festival to promote the region’s traditional values and customs. It’s part of the international SeeNet project (a trans-local network for the cooperation between Italy and South-East Europe that seeks to strengthen the governance skills of involved territories and promote sustainable local development), together with the Town of Rovinj, Veneto, Toscana and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions, the towns of Pazin and Varaždin, and Brtonigla and Završje municipalities.